St.Petersburg's views

White nights over Petersburg: opened bridge wings above the Neva river waters,    lighthouses on cape of Basil Island...

Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral spire as seen across Neva from the Hermitage.

St.Isaac cathedral,    panorama of the city from the St.Isaac colonnade, just below the dome.

Recently restored Saviour-on-Blood Church.

The majestic Neva, smooth waters of canals, their granite embankments, elegant lines of bridges, fanciful metalwork of railings, exquisite street lights - all these compose an unique beauty peculiar to Petersburg:

Little Winter Canal between two different parts of the Hermitage,    Chernyshov Bridge on Fountain River,    Little Bank Bridge above Griboedov Canal,

a street light at the Fountain River embankment,    and     another one near Sts. Peter and Paul Fortress.

The Hermitage.

Famous Nevski prospect - the main city avenue.

Two great lakes, Ladoga and Onega, are only in 150-200km from Petersburg: wooden churches constructed with no nails on Kizhi Island, Onega Lake.

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