Anatoly Moshnikov, October 14, 2000, Petersburg

The desperate assault, attempted by the Magnitogorsk rope team, Igolkin-Oleinikov, at the end of the competition, has been crowned with success and brought them incontestable victory. The route climbing time, 3.5 days, is record (and it was even shorter because the team had started October 4 at 16:00, that implied only about 3 hours of the daylight, had the route completed on the wall top at October 7 and returned back to Camp 4 on October 8 at 9 a.m.).

Atlantic Ocean Wall is the fifth on El Capitain in order of difficulty according to rating by Chris McNamara who has 50 routes on the wall climbed up by himself.

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V.Igolkin (right) and Yu.Oleinikov in Camp 4 (G.Chunovkin in the background)
So, the final list of competitors has been changed:

1. Igolkin-Oleinikov - 28.94 points; penalty points, 0.05, had been subtracted by the referees for 3rd attempt within the competition frames and for the detailed consultation upon the route.
2. Soldatov-Zaitov - 27.94.
3. St. Petersburg - 27.12.
4. Moscow (Lastochkin-Akhmedkhanov) - 27.10.
The referee board submitted a proposal about sharing 3rd and 4th places due to the negligible difference...
5. International team - 26.92.
6. Moscow (Pekhterev-Pankov) - 24.23.

The competition results have been submitted to the Presidium of the Russian Climbing Federation for the approval. All comments to be continued.