Anatoly Moshnikov, September 22, 2000

Big Walls 2000 started

It's hot in Yosemite National Park, the day temperature is some 30-32°C in the shade. The weather is great with not a single cloud in the sky for four past days at Camp 4, right underneath El Capitan. The team leaders have completed their debates on routes and their ratings, and the competition regulations. Thus, all the routes (9 on Half Dome and 45 on El Capitan) are grouped into four divisions according to their ratings from 3 to 6, and all the teams have already taken off the ground and are climbing their first routes.

Soldatov, Sergei - Zaitov, Rinat started September 19 on Half Dome, Queen of Spades (VI 5.10 A5; rating 6)
Igolkin, Viktor - Oleinikov, Yuri started September 19 on El Capitan, Wyoming Sheep Ranch (VI 5.8 A4; rating 6)

Pekhterev, Igor - Pankov, Maksim started September 18 on El Capitan, Dihedral Wall (VI 5.8 A3; rating 5)
Akhmedkhanov, Timur - Lastochkin, Alexander started September 18 on El Capitan, Flight of the Albatross (VI 5.8 A3; rating 5.5)

Verulashvili, Tengiz - Kachkov, Vladimir started September 18 on El Capitan, Lost in America (VI 5.10 A4; rating 6)

International rope team
Seregin, Arkadii - Kratochwilla, Alex started September 17 on El Capitan, Sunkist with ascent of Mammoth Terraces via Muir Wall and Magic Mushroom (VI 5.5 A4; rating 5.5)