Serguey Arsentiev's body, probably, found on Mt.Everest

At June of the last summer (1999), upon RISK ONLINE request, Anatoly Moshnikov sent photos of Serguey Arsentiev made in the Russian Everest Expedition 1998. Recently Liana Darenskaya had forwarded us reply of Jake Norton, member of the Mallory - Irwine expedition 1999:

Sorry for the delay on the Serguei photos. We definitely saw him - I remember the purple down suit. He's "the greeter," lying just off Jochen's "indistinct rib" [Jochen Hemmleb - expedition historian - S.K.] in the Mallory basin at probably 27,150'. I think that is the one. Let me know if there's anything else needed. I also have a photo of his wife (Russel had said her family wanted a photo and then her body detached from the fixed lines at the 1st step) that I took after unclipping her... Jake

We are heartily grateful both to J. Norton and RISK ONLINE for the information.


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